Second / multiple WhatsApp

How to register second / multiple WhatsApp on a device?

As most of smaprtphone users know, WhatsApp can be registered with a phone number after a SMS or call verification process. There is not much ways to use multiple WhatsApp over 2 of them.

Everybody can install WhatsApp and aslo WhatsApp Business apps on the same device. You don't have to upgrade your personal phone number to business profile. Here is the way to use both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business on the same device.

You probably already using WhatsApp on your device. If not, firstly download and install the WhatsApp app here

After you download standard individual WhatsApp, register it with your own phone number (probably you already have a sim card or e-Sim). If you don't have a sim card or eSim, you can ofcourse use a virtual number and register WhatsApp with that.

Now, let's go second WhatsApp; WhatsApp Business.

You again probably heard of WhatsApp Business if you are active on the internet or social media. It's a kind of WhatsApp but for business. But not just for business, ofcourse you can use it just like the standard one. It is a featured WhatsApp with many business tools, such as auto-replying, catalogs, etc. You can download WhatsApp Business here.

After downloading and installing the proper one for your device, now you will need a second phone number: download virtual number for WhatsApp app.

Follow the steps in the virtual number for WhatsApp app and get a virtual number for your second WhatsApp.

Now, enter the number you just get to the WhatsApp Business app and request for SMS verification.

Get the SMS code from virtual number app and enter it to registration screen and you are in!

Fill the necessary fields like business name, profile picture etc. You can now start a chat with your new second WhatsApp!