What is a Virtual Phone Number?

What is a Virtual Phone Number?

A virtual phone number is unique, country and GSM operator based (just like standart sim cards), pre-registered, anonymous mobile phone numbers. Virtual numbers are managed by softwares and servers, those softwares receive and redirects SMS or calls to a particular person who owns the number. With that feature, virtual phone numbers not require a real device or a pyhsical sim card for the owner.

There are several types of virtual phone numbers; most common ones are SaaS based (like ours) virtual numbers, fully managed virtual numbers (VOiP, Sip), or rented virtual numbers (VOiP, Sip). SaaS virtual phone numbers are generally billed once and the owner benefits the number for a selected service or app (like WhatsApp, Telegram etc). Owner uses the number for registering such services and the backgorund softwares receives and presents the registering codes for the owner. After that easy step, no need anything else. User can get another virtual phone number for each service the user want to register.

Advangates of SaaS Virtual phone numbers:

  • No paper work! Not even a name is required.
  • This type of virtual numbers are most anonymous ones, so, privacy is higher.
  • SaaS Virtual phone numbers are most cost effective.
  • You may choose one of many countries ever you want to, there are variouse of countries that the virtual phone number is belong to. It not important which country you are from, you may choose foreign country numbers.
Disadvangates of SaaS Virtual phone numbers:
  • You may not re-use the same number for multiple services. Because the background software decides distribution of number-service combinations.
  • Usage duration is not constant, it stands maybe 3 months maybe 2 years, the bg software or operators may shotdown the number, but hey, you will not loose your registered services if you don't request for SMS registration again in the future.
  • It is not so easy to find qualified service provider for SaaS virtual phone numbers.

Advangates of fully managed virtual numbers:

  • This type of virtual numbers are semi-anonymous.
  • You are billed monthly or periodically just like standart phone numbers.
  • You may choose one of various of countries which allows virtual serving.
  • You can use the same number for any service you want
  • You can make and receive calls via provider apps.
Disadvangates of fully managed virtual phone numbers:
  • Prices are 2-3x higher than SaaS ones.
  • You may loose your number in a few days if you forget to pay your bill.
  • Numbers may be used by someone else just before you buy.
  • Unfortunately, there is a registering with your real informations and may require e few paper work (ID card, email/phone verification etc).
  • Calls and SMS are priced by units. (For example 0.5$/sms or 1$/min calls)

Advangates of rented virtual numbers:

  • This type of virtual numbers are also anonymous.
  • You are billed once.
  • You have to choose a few of countries.
  • You can use the same number for any service you want.
Disadvangates of rented virtual phone numbers:
  • Prices are 3-5x higher than SaaS ones, 2-3x higher than fully managed ones.
  • You will loose your number after the period ends.
  • Numbers may be used by someone else in the past and may be banned from some services (may banned by WhatsApp or Instagram etc).

Difference between Sim, e-Sim vs Virtual Number

First of all, they are all phone services and GSM operators are serving them. But, you know about sim-cards; you buy them from operator agents with your own ID card etc. And they give you a chip card (sim card) for your phone to insert in.

e-Sim is eliminating those physical chips, operators hashing and creating smart softwares called e-Sim. If your operator and your device support for e-Sim, you can buy e-Sim with your ID card and you can fully own and responsible the number.

The virtual phone number is not both above. Numbers are managed by servers and they are pre-registered. They are anonymously registered (or providers are registering them for their corporates).

Virtual numbers are ready to use instantly; provider's background servers keep them safe and functional. Users just pick one and use it for SMS or calls.

What about paper work?

As you know, standart physical sim cards and e-Sims are fully managed by the owner and owners have to buy it with their ID cards, address prooves, etc (those terms may vary according to countries and operators).

Virtual phone numbers are already registered and ready to use. Mostly, providers are registering virtual numbers for their firms/corporations and they give their number management to a software/hardwares to make them online and available to receive calls/sms.

So, there is no paper work for the end user / end customer. Mostly they are used for registering/verifying other services such as social media, business accounts, foreign services etc.


A virtual phone number is compatible with %99.99 of services and devices. Because from the begining of the invension of GSM, calls and sms are there. So, if you are required to register for a service with a phone number, but you don't have one or you are hesitating to share your personal phone number such apps/services; it is totally full you. If you have a smart phone (android or iphone) you can download our virtual number service app to get a virtual number for WhatsApp or Tinder, or any other 50+ common service.

By the way, virtual numbers are not have a limit, you can get as many as numbers you need to.